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The Story behind the x-Bag.

August 14th, 2004

Dear Ostomate,

I want to share with you here my personal story of how the x-Bag came to be. I hope it will help you get some idea of why I decided to create a new Ostomy Disposal Bag.

After many years of battling with ulcerative colitis, through both high school and college, my doctors told me it was time to have surgery. I scraped the walls trying to find an alternative, but on June 1st, 2004, surgery was performed and I was left with a total ileostomy.

Before my surgery, I met with the ostomy nurse who explained the device I would need to wear, showed me a variety of different types and brands of devices, and showed me what maintenance I would need to do. It was almost like a fashion show for the cripled. On one hand I was curious of all the things I would need to know, but on the other hand, I was angry that I even needed to do this. I'll never forget that feeling of total disgust and helplessness that I had. I knew my life would be different, and I was concerned.

After surgery I had little time to worry about all that, as most of my time and effort was spent just on recovering. ...Eating, walking and building my strength back up to where I could do the things I used to do. The surgery was much more traumatic and debilitating than I ever imagined.

In between the visits from home nurses, a physical therapist, and resting, I spent a portion of my time finding out about all the different ostomy products available - the different brands, adhesives, barriers, flanges, closure systems, and filters. If my life was going to be different, it was going to be different in the best way. I wanted to make sure that I had the most reliable, comfortable, and easiest to maintain ostomy product made, and would accept nothing less than the best.

I called up all the major manufacturers of ostomy devices and ordered a variety of samples. I also wrote down a list of all the supplies I would need both at home and away from home, as I knew that soon I would be ready to take that next step and go out of the house as the "new me." I found most of what I needed in the medical supply catalogs given to me by my ostomy nurse, but there was one item I had a problem with. ...An Ostomy Disposal Bag.

I decided to look on the internet to see where I could buy this. I performed a search for "ostomy disposal bags" expecting to see something like 1,352,912 pages found. I didn't. Instead, I got a message that said "Sorry, No pages found." I thought to myself, "Wait a minute, maybe they're called something else." I tried a different search. Nothing. I continued searching with every possible search term I could think of, but each time I came up with the exact same message. "Sorry, No pages found."

"This can't be right", I thought. Doing a little more research, I found a couple medical supply companies that gave some disposal bags to their customers when they ordered their supplies. I also found a couple device manufacturers that did the same. But that was it.

When I tried to purchase these bags, I was out of luck. They simply would not sell to me. I was flabergasted. There was no way for me to buy an ostomy disposal bag. Absolutely no-how, no-where, totally impossible.

I couldn't believe that with all these ostomy manufacturers, suppliers and distributors all over the world, I couldn't buy a simple ostomy disposal bag. I certainly didn't want to be locked into buying my supplies from one particular manufacturer or medical supply company just to get a handful of these "free bags" as a benefit. But what could I do?

After several moments of waddling in total disbelief, it came to me. ...An idea. "The only way I'll get an ostomy disposal bag is to make one myself." I don't know if you can imagine the rush of excitement that takes you over when you have a moment of inspiration, but it was truly heart pounding. My quest to develop the ultimate Ostomy Disposal Bag had begun.

Over the next several weeks, still in the process of recovery, I spoke with over 3 dozen manufacturers, distributors and agents trying to find the ultimate ostomy disposal bag. I researched different plastic films, bag types, and seals, learning all the ins and outs of the manufacturing process along the way. Polyethylene, polypropylene, high density, low density, linear low density, ...you name it, I learned about it. And if they made it, I tested it.

Finally, after almost exhausting myself trying to come up with a bag that would meet all the needs of ostomy disposal, I was confident I had it. ...The bag that I envisioned would one day be happily sitting in trash baskets of ostomates everywhere.

I am very proud to let you know today, that this bag, now better known as the x-Bag™, is available, and in-stock for delivery. If you've been looking for an Ostomy Disposal Bag without any success, your search ends now.

I've designed the x-Bag to make ostomy disposal quick and easy. I've also made sure that the x-Bag gives you 100% invisibility of content and is whisper-quiet for when you need to be discreet. And since I wanted the x-Bag to be of use to ostomates everywhere, I've made it compatible with all major brands of ostomy devices including Convatec, Coloplast, Cymed, and Hollister.

I believe the x-Bag is the finest leak proof, odor reducing, and content concealing Ostomy Disposal Bag made. In fact, I personally guarantee that the x-bag will meet all of your ostomy disposal needs or your money back.

Please let me know how the x-Bag works for you, and thanks for taking the time to read my story. I wish you all the best in your journies and adventures yet to come in life.


Your Fellow Ostomate,

P.S.: We're constantly on a quest to create something better and give you even more options for your disposal. If there's something you need, let us know. Here's a sneak peak at some of the other products currently under development at BagItAway.com:

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