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We will be closing permanently on February 19th, 2021 and manufacturing of our product will end.

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We have provided our distributors with several months of product. Please plan accordingly for your future needs. Our distributors that currently have stock are:

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Now you can make your used ostomy bags disappear in a flash with the simple to use, yet powerful x-Bag.

Imagine for a moment, if you could just like that - snap your fingers and instantly make your Ostomy Disposal disappear.
Yes, really disappear. Totally and completely vanished from all of time and space. Not just a magic trick, but the real thing. How surprised would you be to find yourself feeling totally at ease that there would be no leaking, or odor, and that no one would ever see the contents of your disposal, or talk behind your back, because it's all gone. Vanished. Disappeared. Finito. Allow your mind to wander for just a moment as you realize the power you'd have to do this and just how great it would be to have all that worry be gone. Is it really possible for you to perform such a magical disappearing act? Get ready to experience x-Bag.

The Ostaway x-Bag is a powerful new Ostomy Disposal Bag which will eliminate wasted time and worry and meet all your ostomy disposal needs.
If your ostomy disposal bag isn't leak proof, odor reducing, totally content concealing and easy to close, it might be time for you to make a change. If your ostomy disposal bag is really a "baby diaper disposal bag", it might be time for you to get serious and move up to the the x-Bag. The x-Bag is simply the easiest to use Ostomy Disposal Bag you'll ever try. The ez-zip seal allows you to quickly dispose of your used ostomy bag with one sweeping hand movement. There's no tying, taping, flapping, rolling or folding. Just zip it, throw it away, and forget it.

Invisibility is not just for SuperHeros anymore.
The x-Bag's specially designed light absorbing film gives you 100% invisibility of content. The film consists of a 3 mil, charcoal colored, low density polyethylene plastic (LDPE) that can withstand the most powerful light you can shine. You can be assured that no one, not even a SuperHero, will see through the x-Bag.

Don't get caught with your pants down holding the bag.
When disposing of your colostomy bag or ileostomy bag in a public restroom, you want to use the utmost of discretion. Cheap disposal bags made of HDPE (high density polyethylene plastic) may not be best in these situations. This type of plastic, often used in economy shopping bags and trash bags, is strong, but noisy when handled. Due to it's stiffer qualities, you will get rustling noises when unfolding, handling, and sealing these bags. If you want to keep discretion at its maximum and suspicion at the minimum, you need the x-Bag. Its soft, whisper-quiet LDPE plastic will get you in and out without anyone taking notice.

Perform your final vanishing act with the Ostaway x-Bag.
If you've been looking for a leak proof, odor reducing, content hiding, and easy to seal Ostomy Disposal Bag, the x-Bag is it. The xBag is simply the best Ostomy Disposal Bag you'll ever use, period. At less than 29 cents each, the x-Bag is the smart, affordable option to meet all your ostomy disposal needs. Get the x-Bag today and make your disposal problems disappear.

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What you'll get when you order the Ostaway x-Bag™:

  • A design which is leak proof, odor reducing, content masking, and easy to seal.
  • Compatibility with all major brands of one and two piece Ostomy Systems including Convatec, Coloplast, Cymed, and Hollister.
  • Ability to contain the higher liquid output of Ileostomy Bag disposals.
  • Ability to contain the higher odor content of Colostomy Bag disposals.
  • Convenient packaging in a quantity of 50 or 100.
  • Your order shipped out the within 24 Hours.
  • Two to Three day USPS delivery to anywhere in the U.S. including FREE Delivery Confirmation Tracking.
  • Customer Support that's there to help you get your order placed quickly and easily and that's ready to help you if you ever have a problem.
  • ORIGINAL Ostaway Products. No imitations here. Our bags have been thoroughly researched and tested to provide you with only the highest quality products available anywhere. We guarantee that the Ostaway x-Bag will meet your ostomy disposal needs or your money back.

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